Our Aim: To make a difference in your life as an individual and as a member of the business community. Offering an energized calm, who doesn’t want to feel both energized and calm?

Yoga & Business: At its heart yoga teaches the virtues of accountability, focus, calmness, dedication — all practices espoused by and even necessary for business success in an era of corporate social responsibility. Therefore yoga and business are inextricably linked.

Focus 95%
Calmness 88%
Dedication 90%
Accountability 80%
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Company Benefits

A healthier and more positive productive workforce with less employee turnover. Reduced indirect costs such as absenteeism and presenteeism. Proactive step towards Australian OHS requirements. Team activities aid team work.

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Individual Benefits

Why not just jog, lift weights, do aerobics? Of course other forms of exercise work your body in various ways, but Yoga is a complete, systematic and time-tested form of exercise that complements your other activities or it is sufficient just by itself!

Corporate Yoga Stretch Class

Yoga at Work

With stress being the plague of modern society, maintaining balance and working effectively under pressure is what Yoga has helped workers achieve. Yoga offers a scientific based discipline with practical and definitive results through releasing tension.

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Yoga Asana Classes : Breathing Exercises, Yoga Poses, Relaxation, Meditation.

Meditation Classes: Breathing Exercises, Gentle Seated Yoga Asanas, Mindfulness Technique, Relaxation, Meditation.

Participant Numbers

  • From 10 to 25 participants per class
  • Seminars: As many as you can fit in comfortably


  • Lunchtime – Express
  • During work – Pick me Up
  • After work – Wind down


  • Rates for staff paying:
  • Short black 1/2 hour @ $10 per person
  • Cappuccino 45mins @ $11 per person
  • Latte 1 Hour @ $12 per person
  • If the Company is paying then please contact us for a flat rate

Class Options

  • One off workplace or private class, Workshop or Seminar
  • 8 week block classes
  • Ongoing weekly classes
  • You may choose to run 1 – 3  classes per week

Corporate Yogis



Candace is a lively, warm and enthusiastic instructor providing a creative blend of energy, fun and fine technique. Candace lives and breathes the Yoga Lifestyle, offering a balanced holistic approach for all levels!


Simon is particularly focused on alignment which sets a good foundation for one’s practice, which develops good habits. His style is greatly influenced by the breath to find one’s own pace, encouraging a new burst of energy!


John began his yoga practice close to 30 years ago offering a dynamic, almost martial practice that concentrates on strength, flexibility and accurate technique. He is one of those guys that everyone favors and loves sharing his skills with others.

Certified in Hatha Yoga

Public Liability Insurance

Members of Yoga Australia

Friendly & Relaxed

Everyone's talking about Us!

” Love my weekly classes with Candace. Makes the week so much better. Amazing teacher and great class. ”

Kristen Margaret, Communication Services, QLD Government

” I’ve been participating in Candace’s classes for years and definitely feel the difference in my flexibility, strength and resilience. Attending during lunchtime allows me to rejuvenate and increase my focus and productivity in the afternoon. Candace is warm, engaging and professional. I love attending her classes and highly recommend her to you! ”

Gavin Blakey, Asset Engineering Manager, Brisbane City Council

” Simon has taken weekly yoga, meditation and kirtan sessions for us at QUT for almost two years now. His sessions are incredibly relaxing and harmonious. Simon would often customise the sessions to what the audience needs, so no two sessions would be exactly the same! This is what makes Simon’s instructing style very unique and dynamic! The students at QUT love the sessions, and look forward to them every week . ”

Bhavik Kapadia, Club Manager, QUT

” Espresso Corporate Yoga has been a pleasure to deal with in invigorating our staff during busy periods.  Their administration team are always prompt in handling our enquiries and the instructors are friendly and fun and mix up the routine every class to provide variety. ”

Rebecca Sue, Opportunity Manager, TMS Consulting Pty Ltd

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I’m not flexible; I can’t even touch my toes! Do I need to be flexible to do yoga poses?

Flexibility in the body is a common concern for many people who have never practiced yoga poses. Don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes, that’s not what yoga is about. There is stretching involved, but never beyond what is harmful to the individual’s body. What is important is the cultivation of mindfulness in the movements we do. Variations are always given to those less flexible, but the great thing about yoga is it actually acts as an aid to assist you to become flexible.

What do I wear?

Your work gear is fine to Meditation Classes. Something comfortable that you can move freely in is recommended for Yoga Asana Classes.

They have yoga at the gym, couldn’t I just go there?

Espresso Yoga classes are specifically developed to target common areas in the body that often become restricted by working at a desk all day long. When you are working at a desk for a long period of time there are often certain body aches that occur. Our instructors work with participants to identify these and provide relevant classes for assisting with ‘occupational tension and tightness.’

Is yoga religious? I am not really interested in spirituality.

No yoga is not a religion; it’s a practice and can lead to a lifestyle. There are principles in the yoga teachings, but individuals can choose to learn about these teachings as they see fit.